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Varbil Studios

65% Handtuned White Keyboard

65% Handtuned White Keyboard

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66 keys Keyboard, with lubed switches, tuned stabilizers, and other case specific mods done to ensure the correct sound and feel.

You can choose between these switches in your keyboard;

KTT Kang White V3 Linear

Akko Cream Blue V3 Tactile

Outemu Crystal Linear

The Keyboard can be reprogrammed with the software and is hot swappable, so if a switch breaks on you, you can always put a new one in!

The keyboard also comes with double shot pbt keycaps along with white accent keys if you want to add some color

Keyboard Includes:

65% keyboard

Switches of your choice

Double shot PBT Keycaps


Switch and Keycap puller

typing test of the keyboard:

Information about each switch:

KTT Kang White V3 Linear:

-Operating force - 40g

-Bottom out - 50g

-Pre-travel - 1.9mm

-Total-travel - 4.0mm

-Construction material - PC Top housing, Nylon bottom housing, POM Stem

-Factory lubed.

Akko Cream Blue V3 Tactile:

-Operating force - 45g

-Bottom out - 55g

-Pre-travel - 2.2mm

-Total-travel - 3.3mm

-Construction material - PC full

-Factory lubed.


Outemu Crystal Linear:

-Operating force - 45g

-Bottom out - 55g

-Total-travel - 4.0mm

-Construction material - Polycarbonate top & bottom housing

-Factory lubed.

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